3 overpriced free agents the Ravens were wise to avoid

The Ravens were right not to spend too much

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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1. OG Robert Hunt, Carolina Panthers

The guard situation needs to be addressed, as projected starters Andrew Vorhees and Ben Cleveland have a combined seven starts between them, all of which come from Cleveland. Signing Hunt would have filled the hole, but the money the Panthers paid to sign him is simply ridiculous for his talent.

Carolina, in desperate need of a player who can protect former No. 1 pick Bryce Young, signed Hunt to a five-year, $100 million contract. Hunt was a solid starter for the last two seasons with the Dolphins, but Miami and Baltimore shouldn't be looked at sideways for not matching such an insane contract.

The Baltimore Ravens didn't pay up for Robert Hunt

The Ravens will likely add one more name into the fold on the offensive line, as elevating Vorhees, Cleveland, and Daniel Faalele to starting roles at the same time could be very precarious. Paying $20 million for Hunt would be an excessive commitment for a player who missed six games due to injury last year and has never made a Pro Bowl.

As much as any team in the league, Baltimore has been able to turn marginal players like John Simpson into high-end producers. Hunt would make an immediate impact, but an already tenuous offensive depth chart would have to be decimated even further to make room for Hunt.