3 position groups Ravens must watch heavily at NFL Combine

Eric DeCosta must use his draft picks wisely.

NFL Combine
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2. Wide Receiver

John Harbaugh might be all aboard the Rashod Bateman hype train, but it will be hard for many Ravens fans to go into 2024 with Bateman locked in as the No. 2 wide receiver and expect great things from this receiver room. Odell Beckham may not return, and Nelson Agholor hardly moves the needle.

This year's wide receiver class is extremely deep, which could put players like Oregon's Troy Franklin, Florida State's Keon Coleman, and two standout Texas Longhorns in Xavier Worthy and Adonai Mitchell, firmly in Baltimore's crosshairs at No. 30 overall (provided they address the defense in free agency).

The Baltimore Ravens may need more depth at wide receiver at the NFL Combine

If a wide receiver in the first round two years in a row could be too rich for DeCosta to swallow, a Combine riser could shoot right into their laps this year. Michigan's Roman Wilson, UCF's Javon Baker, and USC's Brenden Rice could all thrive if they start their careers with the Ravens.

Adding one more vertical threat to a team that already has Flowers and Agholor would be at least a passable way to get the most out of Jackson's downfield accuracy. Under a coach like Todd Monken, there's no such thing as having too many wide receivers on the roster.