3 Ravens draftees named in All-Decade draft shows Eric DeCosta's scouting skill

Eric DeCosta has been piling up the wins.
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
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The Baltimore Ravens are usually ranked as one of the best drafting teams in the league, as Eric DeCosta has picked right off where Ozzie Newsome left off by nailing first-round pick after first-round pick. Some of their picks have transcended "hit" status and become long-term pieces for a perpetual championship contender.

Considering the Ravens often pick near the end of the first round due to their regular season success, the wins they have had in the first round make DeCosta an elite GM. The Ravens' success has been very hard for others to replicate.

In an All-Decade draft by PFF's Trevor Sikkema in which he identified the best picks at every first-round position in the last 10 years, DeCosta's Ravens popped up three times. In perhaps the easiest pick Sikkema had to make, MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson was voted the best No. 32 overall pick in the last decade.

Cornerback Marlon Humphrey was named the top No. 16 overall pick after becoming a key long-term piece in Baltimore's secondary. Linebacker Patrick Queen, who recently defected and joined the Pittsburgh Steelers, clocked in as the best No. 28 pick in the last 10 years.

Multiple Baltimore Ravens ranked among best draft picks in last 10 years

Jackson is not only the best No. 32 overall pick in the last 10 drafts, but Drew Brees is the only player in NFL history who is a better selection at that particular spot. Jackson has spent the last half-decade breaking records and turning Baltimore into one of the most consistent winners in the league.

Humphrey has made three Pro Bowls and earned a first-team All-Pro selection during his seven seasons with the Ravens. Even with a possible heir apparent in Nate Wiggins coming to town, Humphrey figures to be one of the leaders in Baltimore's defense if he manages to stay healthy.

Queen looked like a poor pick early in his career due to his struggles, but his recent improvements after the acquisition of Roquan Smith turned him into an All-Pro. Baltimore will likely rue the fact that he joined their chief rival in Pittsburgh if he keeps his high level of play up.

Ravens fans can trust in DeCosta to keep building them teams that will always have a puncher's chance of making it to the championship picture every year. Perhaps in 10 years time, Nate Wiggins will end up on Sikkema's next big ranking list.