3 Ravens players who could lose snaps to rookies in 2024

The Ravens could let the rookies over take these vets
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The Baltimore Ravens have cemented a reputation as one of the best drafting teams in the league during the days of Eric DeCosta and Ozzie Newsome, and that reputation has been reinforced with a strong 2024 NFL Draft class led by Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins in the first round.

The Ravens have typically been willing to let some of their more prized rookies press veterans for playing time if they've impressed John Harbaugh, and the roster could be in for another injection of youth as the Ravens try to plug their holes. Veterans currently entrenched in starting spots need to be looking over their shoulders.

By the time the Ravens really get rolling into the regular season, it should surprise absolutely no one if these three veterans are relegated to confirmed backup roles while the young guns get to shine. DeCosta may have another A+ Draft on his hands if he adds multiple Year 1 starters to the mix.

3 Baltimore Ravens veterans who could lose snaps to rookies in 2024

3. EDGE David Ojabo

Ojabo has been hurt more than he's been healthy during his time with the Ravens, and Baltimore has prepared for the eventuality of him missing some time by selecting Penn State dynamo Adisa Isaac in the third round. Ojabo is officially on the last stop in his Ravens career.

Ojabo has played in just five games in two seasons, tallying two sacks along the way. While no one has ever questioned if he has the physical gifts needed to last in the pros, his body hasn't been able to withstand the punishment that playing in the NFL brings. Isaac's credentials are also quite impressive.

The Baltimore Ravens could play Adisa Isaac over David Ojabo

What Isaac currently lacks in tremendous strength at the point of attack, he makes up for with blinding speed off the edge and a nonstop motor. On a Nittany Lions team with first-round pick Chop Robinson and possible 2025 first-rounder Abdul Carter, it was Isaac who led the team in sacks with 7.5 last year.

Anyone who believes that Ojabo is going to play all 17 games this season can also be sold snow in the winter. While it's unfortunate to see a great player get failed by his body so often, those health concerns left an opening for Isaac to come in and make his presence known.