3 Ravens Training Camp battles officially declared by John Harbaugh

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Battle No. 3 - Nickel Cornerback: A plethora of options could make for a steady rotation

If you paid attention to the Ravens' 2022 season, then you know than then-rookie Kyle Hamilton played a do-it-all type of role for the team that drafted him taking snaps at both the safety and cornerback positions and covering pretty much all of the field.

Entering 2023 as one of the best second-year players in the NFL, Hamilton is expected to move to a full-time role at one of the safety slots. That means, of course, that there will be a gap created at the nickel cornerback position with Hamilton retreating deeper down the field on D.

Who will take over the role, though, is anybody's guess at this point, and ST Coach Chris Hewitt didn't really help matters speaking to the media on Tuesday.

"It doesn't have to be one guy," Hewitt said. "We have a lot of guys who we can use. Right now, it's a competition."

Welp. That means that all of Jalyn Armour-Davis, Pepe Williams, Arthur Maulet, Brandon Stephens, Kyu Kelly, Ar'Darius Washington, and even Hamilton (if things don't quite work with any of the other options) will be fighting for that role through camp.

The final roster can only boast 53 men, and we're talking around five or six players to man one exclusive role in the defensive unit here. That's crazy, but that's also a very important question to solve by the coaches ahead of the cut date in order for the squad to be correctly built and for it to have a shot at contending next season.

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