3 big-name RBs Ravens could sign in free agency after bombshell report

The Ravens could be in the mood for a big upgrade

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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1. Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

Henry has all but said he is leaving Tennessee, as he is putting the chance to compete for a championship over his loyalty to the Titans as they rebuild with Brian Callahan and Will Levis. Which team in Baltimore's tier could give him a starting role and the chance to possibly hoist the Lombardi trophy?

Henry has some serious wear on his tires, as he led the league in carries four times in five years while averaging 27 carries per game in eight games before getting hurt in 2021. Henry might be 30 with battle scars, but even a quick watch of the Titans last year showed he has gas left in the tractor.

Derrick Henry might join the Baltimore Ravens

Henry is still able to rip off big runs down the field, all while being enough of a bulldozer in his traditional style to justify a contract at his age. Keep in mind he did all that with a putrid offensive line, a rookie quarterback, and an offensive coaching staff so poor it got a great coach in Mike Vrabel fired.

Henry is going to get a big contract from a contender, meaning that Baltimore might risk losing out on him to a team that has eyes on the prize. Baltimore had multiple league-best rushing attacks with Edwards at the helm. Imagine the results if they added a player like Henry.