3 Reasons why each Ravens QB can become Lamar Jackson's backup

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Why Josh Johnson could be the Ravens backup quarterback

There aren't many quarterbacks as old as Josh Johnson hanging around in the NFL, let alone fighting for a backup role while still keeping up such high spirits as the 37-year-old nomad.

Johnson returned to the city he once called home this past May when he signed with the Ravens after playing in Baltimore back in 2021. He's been in the books of 14 franchises throughout his career after entering the league as a 2008 fifth-round pick by the Tampa Bay Bucs.

This man is simply relentless and won't give up on his dreams any time soon.

The last time we watched Johnson play an actual NFL game he did so with the San Francisco 49ers last year when he tossed a couple of passes completing one of them for 10 yards and a first down in Week 14 of the 2022 season.

Johnson was lucky to be part of a team demolished by the injury bug in the postseason, which opened the door for him to enter the NFC Championship game played between the Niners and the Eagles last January 29th, attempting 13 passes in relief of Brock Purdy completing seven of them for 74 yards.

Unlucky Johnson, though, suffered a concussion in the third quarter and he was forced out of that game. Sheesh.

Johnson has never established himself as a starter in the NFL, and the most games he's started was four in the 2009 season while still in Tampa Bay. He only started more than one game once after that, in 2018 for Washington.

The veteran missed the 2019 and 2020 seasons entirely while only attempting 87 passes (85 in 2021 and two last year) in the two most recent seasons he's played.

Going against Johnson is the fact that the Ravens could very well waive him, then add him to the practice squad without facing much (or any, for that matter) opposition as it's not that Johnson's phone would be buzzing madly once/if he hits the wire.