3 shocking revelations by John Harbaugh on Saturday that will shape Ravens' roster

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3. No more players should be added to the linebacker room via free agency

Similarly to what Harbaugh let us know about the Ravens' secondary, he spoke a bit about the addition of Jadeveon Clowney and what he expects from him and the rest of the pass-rushing unit.

Judging by the coach's comments, this seems to be another unit pretty much finalized after the addition of former 2014 no. 1 pick JDV.

"[Clowney] was quick, he looks like he's in shape," Harbaugh told reporters (h/t Rocco DiSangro of Fox Baltimore). "I thought he'll fit right in. He's learning the defense, but how much defense is there? It’s fronts and a little bit of coverage, and he has to learn the blitz patterns."

Harbaugh also said that Clowney will need to learn a bit more than that as the Ravens "drop into coverage a lot," but he acknowledged that the veteran "has played a lot of football," and he's a "very smart player," so he shouldn't have much trouble getting up and running.

We all have known for a long time that the Ravens needed to bolster their pass-rushing ranks ahead of 2023 after losing Calais Campbell, Yannick Ngakoue, and Justin Houston this offseason. Enter Clowney.

Other than the former Browns EDGE, though, no more splashing additions or changes are expected in the outside-linebacker unit. Harbaugh said it in his press conference.

"We want enough guys,” Harbaugh said. “You want to have enough guys. There are a lot of snaps. You’re getting about 1,200 snaps in the season. You need all of those guys," the coach said when asked if Clowney will take snaps off David Ojabo's plate.

The truth is he will if only because of a rotational thing. With that already being the case, don't expect any news on this front when it comes to new signings.

Harbaugh said, "[Ojabo] can go inside, Odafe can go inside, Madubuike is rushing the passer really well."

As the roster stands, Harbs thinks "We've got some real options there," and he said he feels "really good about our pass rush."

There is full trust in the young piece of the line including Oweh and Ojabo, so the addition of Clowney and the presence of veteran Tyus Bowser as well as other ancillary pieces in the squad (De'Shawn Phillips, Malik Hamm, Tavius Robinson) looks like would do for the 2023 EDGE Ravens lineup.

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