3 Super Bowl players the Baltimore Ravens must pursue in free agency

The Ravens may need to steal from their rivals.

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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As is always the case whenever the Super Bowl concludes, many of the role players on both teams will bolt their more successful digs with the promise of more money or an enhanced schematic role elsewhere. The Baltimore Ravens can use this to their advantage.

The Kansas City Chiefs will need to figure out which role players they can afford to cut loose as they try to save money, and the San Francisco 49ers will try to jettison some who didn't quite fit in with what Kyle Shanahan and Steve Wilks wanted to do. These names could find new life in Baltimore.

Even if it hasn't always ended with a championship, John Harbaugh and Eric DeCosta have made a habit of plugging players into very specific roles where talents can help raise the collective floor of one side of the ball. With some holes that need to be addressed in the offseason, DeCosta needs to cut a few pretty big checks.

The Ravens need to look into signing these three players, all of whom come from either San Francisco or Kansas City. Baltimore knows they need to hit things out of the park in the next few months, and rolling the dice on these three players could help them get back on the right track.

3 Super Bowl free agents the Baltimore Ravens must sign

3. OG Nick Allegretti

Allegretti has done more than anyone in Kansas City could have hoped for as a seventh-round pick, as the former Illinois standout has been a true chameleon on the offensive line who fits in whenever anyone suffers an injury. He may have made himself a ton of money in the Super Bowl.

With an elite guard in Joe Thuney being sidelined due to injury against the Ravens and 49ers, Allegretti stepped in and held his own both times. At 28 years old, Allegretti has put enough quality tape out there to seek a starting role after years as an unheralded backup.

The Baltimore Ravens could sign Nick Allegretti in free agency.

With both John Simpson and Kevin Zeitler scheduled to hit free agency, it would behoove Baltimore to sign a veteran to fill one of those two gaps. While he's proven to be a serviceable player, Allegretti is not going to break the bank for a team that doesn't have unlimited cap space.

The number one priority for anyone who wants to play on the Ravens' offensive line is quality run blocking, and Allegretti, at his best, can check that box. Sandwiched in between Ronnie Stanley and Tyler Linderbaum on the left side, Allegretti would have a solid cast of characters beside him.