3 Super Bowl players the Baltimore Ravens must pursue in free agency

The Ravens may need to steal from their rivals.

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2. DT Javon Kinlaw

While the priority should be bringing back Justin Madubuike if it is financially feasible, Baltimore needs to come up with a solid gold contingency plan if they are unable to get a deal done. The one-year "prove it" deal could be a worthwhile fallback option if all else fails, and Kinlaw is still seeking to show the NFL world what he can do.

After a solid rookie season, Kinlaw played just 10 games in two years and saw his potential ebb away. He mustered 3.5 sacks this season, but he's totaled just five in four seasons. Still, 2023 was the best season of his career, and his knee issues seem to be a thing of the past.

Javon Kinlaw could restart his career with the Baltimore Ravens

Kinlaw's biggest improvement was as a run-stuffer, which can help him avoid the dreaded "one-dimensional" label. Kinlaw might even be a candidate to move over to Brent Urban's role, as he has enough upside to potentially move around the defensive line when healthy.

Even as coaches come and go, Baltimore's front office and coaching staff have traditionally had a very high success rate when it comes to taking toolsy linemen, identifying their areas of weakness, and smoothing the rough edges. Kinlaw was a force at South Carolina, and that player could still be in there.