3 teams Ravens must outbid for Derrick Henry as free agency heats up

The Ravens must come prepared to land Henry

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2. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals could part ways with starting running back Joe Mixon, and very few would bat an eye. Between his declining production and lack of explosion, getting Joe Burrow a back like Henry might be more appealing than riding the Mixon roller coaster once again.

While Henry would be leaving a team that went under center quite frequently and joining a Cincinnati offense that operates almost exclusively out of shotgun formations, the Bengals would give him a chance at competing for a title. Baltimore must realize this threat in their own division.

The Ravens must prevent the Bengals from signing Derrick Henry.

One disadvantage the Bengals have when compared to the Ravens is the fact their offense will always be predicated on Burrow's arm, whereas Baltimore blends Jackson's throwing and running with some traditionally effective running back play. Henry would be more of a featured piece in Baltimore.

The Bengals could take themselves out of the Henry race by keeping Mixon, but a team that is already ninth in the NFL in cap space could easily make themselves a frontrunner for his services based on the finances alone.