3 underrated Ravens players who could make a massive impact next season

Free agency could help these three become more impactful players

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The Baltimore Ravens have molded themselves into quite the star-studded team in the last few years. With Lamar Jackson and Derrick Henry poised to lead the offense in 2024 while Justin Madubuike, Roquan Smith, and Kyle Hamilton secure the defense, the roster is one of the best in the league.

Baltimore is once again counting on some of their less heralded players to supplement what their stars are doing. The Ravens have built multiple championship teams and division winners on the back of quality depth players establishing themselves as impactful players when called upon.

The Ravens chose not to retain many of their veteran free agents, as Patrick Queen, Geno Stone, and Kevin Zeitler are all going to be suiting up with new teams next year. Baltimore seems to be extremely bullish on their collection of role players and what they can do with an expanded set of responsibilities.

These three players may not be household names just yet, but if the Ravens want any chance of competing for a championship and overcoming their postseason demons, the club will need some serious contributions on both sides of the ball from these young standouts.

3 underrated Baltimore Ravens who will make an impact in 2024

3. TE Isaiah Likely

Likely came into the Ravens in an awkward situation. Not only was he stuck behind Mark Andrews, but the fact Baltimore took a second tight end in the same draft 11 picks before him in Charlie Kolar meant that he had an uphill battle to climb in search of playing time.

Likely recorded 30 catches for 411 yards and five touchdowns last year, most of which came in a stint where he had to be exceptional as a receiver following the injury to Mark Andrews. If Likely kept the same pace from his six games as the starter following Andrews' ailment for a full 17 contests, he would have amassed 60 catches, 912 yards, and 14 touchdowns.

Isaiah Likely could become a star for the Baltimore Ravens

While his receiving talent was obvious at Coastal Carolina and will always be the main ticket to playing time, his blocking improved enough to beat out Kolar and establish himself as an inalienable part of the Ravens' attack for the next few years. It would be a crime to stick him behind Andrews again.

Todd Monken is a creative offensive coordinator, meaning that he likely won't need to think too hard when it comes time to devise new formations and plays that get Likely on the field. If the Ravens don't add another wide receiver, he could pick up some of the slack.