3 ways the Ravens can fix their backfield following J.K. Dobbins' injury

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3. Sign a veteran Free Agent: Leonard Fournette and Kareem Hunt remain available

This feels like the longest of shots if only because the Ravens already signed a veteran free agent this season when they added Melvin Gordon III to the roster in July and ahead of training camp.

While the veteran wasn't terrible through the summer in practices, the truth is that undrafted rookie Keaton Mitchell ended up getting the RB4 role in a rather surprising but deserved way.

Gordon isn't the otherworldly talented rusher he was at the peak of his powers, but he's a seasoned veteran and a role model for the young players in the squad, a profile he already excelled at when with the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs in the past few seasons.

Of course, Gordon is already on the wrong side of 30, so adding any of the best two rushers still available on the free agent market--that'd be Leonard Fournette and Kareem Hunt--would be an improvement in terms of age and miles in their respective odometers.

Fournette has played 79 games throughout his NFL career and rushed the rock 1,132 times while Hunt has appeared in 76 games getting 895 carries. For context, MG3 has 108 games and 1,567 rush attempts to his name.

A former Super Bowl champion and high-school/college standout, Fournette boasts the best pass-catching skills with 312 receptions. Hunt, on the other hand, has the highest yards average at 4.5 yards per carry, but he has caught the most TD through the air with 17.

Each of those two veterans would come at a price but considering the depressed status of the running back market and the fact that we're already one week into the regular season, it's possible that they wouldn't ask for that much money desperate to find a place to play on a weekly basis.

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The Ravens have many running backs in tow and they are expected to use a more spread offense under new OC Todd Monken, but losing their RB1 in J.K. Dobbins definitely calls for action.

It is still early, but Baltimore must make a solid decision quickly and go strongly with it.

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