3 winners and 2 losers for the Baltimore Ravens following the 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens will make some major roster changes soon.
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The Baltimore Ravens' 2024 NFL Draft class was regarded as one of the best in the league by many media outlets, as Eric DeCosta was able to simultaneously snag top prospects like Clemson CB Nate Wiggins, Washington RT Roger Rosengarten, and Penn State EDGE Adisa Isaac while still addressing the team's biggest needs.

As with any NFL Draft class, some of the incumbent players on the roster will be looking over their shoulders as they try to ward off strong challenges from the rest of the new draftees. Baltimore is usually eyeing every opportunity to get their top picks on the field.

While there are a handful of Ravens players who can feel more confident in their status with the team and secure in the knowledge Baltimore will give them a big role next season, multiple players in key roles need to prepare for some competition with the new names coming to town.

Winners and Losers for Baltimore Ravens after 2024 NFL Draft

Winner: Rashod Bateman

The Ravens showed more of a commitment to Bateman, who didn't take off during his third season, than some mat have expected. Not only did the Ravens sign Bateman to a contract extension, but they didn't use one of their Day 1 or Day 2 picks on a wide receiver to compete with him.

The addition of Devontez Walker in the fourth round gives the Ravens some serious speed and big-lay potential, but Bateman is still WR2 on the depth chart and has retained his unofficial role of third-down chain mover. Barring some crazy improvements from Walker as a rookie, Bateman has set the stage for a breakout.

Brandon Stephens may not start for the Baltimore Ravens

Loser: Brandon Stephens

Stephens played well enough to hold down a starting spot last year, but the former third-round pick has some serious competition. Not only did the Ravens take Wiggins in the first round, but Baltimore stole Iowa State's T.J. Tampa in the fourth round to put even more pressure on him.

Stephens is a free agent after this season, and Baltimore just spent two top picks on high-end cornerbacks. Not only will he take a cut to his snap count next season, but his odds of returning to the team in 2024 have been sliced in half with Wiggins and Tampa in town for the long haul.