3 worst-case scenarios for Ravens in first round of 2023 NFL Draft

Baltimore Ravens, 2023 NFL Draft
Baltimore Ravens, 2023 NFL Draft / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages
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2. Ravens don’t draft a quarterback and Lamar Jackson leaves

This would probably be the worst scenario of all for Baltimore. Lamar Jackson, of course, hasn’t signed the non-exclusive franchise tag and has requested a trade, but the Ravens are committed to figuring things out and keeping Lamar. That hasn’t happened yet. As a result, Baltimore had to do its due diligence on some quarterback prospects.

The Ravens spent some time getting to know Anthony Richardson. However, with the 22nd pick, Richardson isn’t going to make it to Baltimore. The only way the team will get a first-round quarterback is if they trade up for one. That’s really unlikely. The Ravens aren’t going to trade all the way up into the top 10 unless they have decided to move on from Jackson for sure. The chances of that decision coming by Thursday are slim.

So, Baltimore will stay at No. 22 and draft a non-quarterback prospect. But what happens if the team can’t work things out with Jackson and they do eventually move him? The Ravens would be without a quarterback and the draft would be behind them. In today’s NFL, there aren’t many spots worse than being a team without a quarterback.

That means it’s decision time. Baltimore must be ready and willing to do whatever it has to to keep Lamar Jackson, or the team needs to trade him to a team in the top five so he can be replaced with a quarterback in this draft class.