4 Baltimore Ravens players facing a crucial 2023 season

Baltimore Ravens, J.K. Dobbins
Baltimore Ravens, J.K. Dobbins / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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This offseason has not been short on drama for the Baltimore Ravens. There are many storylines which have kept fans engaged, agitated, anxious and ultimately, relieved.

Whether it's been the contract situation of Lamar Jackson, or most recently, the 2023 NFL Draft, fans have had a lot to keep their attention. Now, it's time to turn our attention to offseason workouts, training camp, and the season ahead.

For the Ravens to have success this coming year, they'll need some big names to step up. By the same token, there are some players who will need to step up if they want the best possible future in this league. This season could be a turning point in the careers of a few key Ravens, so let's dig in a little deeper to a few of those players.

Baltimore Ravens players facing a crucial 2023 season: WR Devin Duvernay

The first player facing a crucial season is former third-round pick Devin Duvernay, originally selected back in 2020 out of Texas. The multi-talented Duvernay has been someone the Ravens have used in a variety of ways over his three seasons in Baltimore.

Whether it's on offense or special teams as a return man, Duvernay's speed has come into play on multiple occasions. However, he hasn't been able to establish himself as a consistent threat on offense. The Ravens continued to search for answers at wide receiver each year after drafting him, proving that he might not be the answer they thought he'd be when he was selected.

This year is the last year of Duvernay's rookie contract, and the Ravens very well could move on from him next offseason. If he wants a future in this league, Duvernay will have to do everything asked of him, and at the highest of levels, this year. If he can put out some good film, then his future in the NFL could still be a long one.