4 Baltimore Ravens we can safely call busts after the 2023 season

The Ravens had some underperformers last year.

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2. EDGE David Ojabo

Unlike Dobbins, Ojabo was a known injury risk after tearing his Achilles in a pre-draft workout. While the Ravens took him with the expectation they could put him on ice before he was fully healed up, even more recurring bumps and bruises have him positioned as nothing more than a complete Wild Card.

Ojabo has played in just five games in two seasons, recording just seven tackles and two sacks in that time. Another major injury, this time an ACL tear, has ruined Ojabo's health to the point the two worst injuries a player can sustain on the field of play have not hit him in back-to-back seasons.

The Baltimore Ravens can't lean on David Ojabo.

Two of the Ravens' top non-Madubuike sack producers in Jadeveon Clowney and Kyle Van Noy are free agents, though Baltimore will likely make a push to retain both of them. Ojabo is entering his third season, and any production he provides them will be a bonus rather than an expectation.

It's unfair to see such a premium athlete cut down by serious injuries, but the Ravens can't afford to get caught up in the sentiment of the situation. If he can't handle an expanded role, which he hasn't shown he has the durability to do, they may need to admit defeat on their great reclamation project.