4 biggest disappointments from first half of Baltimore Ravens 2023 season

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The Baltimore Ravens are sitting at 7-2, and their most impressive wins of the season have come in two of the last three weeks. The Ravens are hotter than any team in the NFL, but we all know it took some ups and downs to get there. What are the biggest disappointments on the Ravens roster right now?

4. Can Lamar Jackson protect the football for the Baltimore Ravens 

Lamar Jackson is going to make a strong case for the MVP once again. He is playing his best football, and we are starting to see the impact of Todd Monken on the offense. It has allowed Jackson to remain the same passer, but it has given him more layups, which help him get into a groove early as a passer. 

Jackson is one of the biggest reasons the Ravens sit at 7-2, but we all know that Jackson could be the reason they go home in January when it is all said and done. Jackson has been great this year, but his inability to protect the football has to be lingering for fans right now. 

Jackson is prone to fumbling here and there, and it makes sense. Still, right now, he is fumbling at an alarming rate. Jackson has ten fumbles already this year. His career-high is 12. He only played 12 games last year, but at that point, he only fumbled five times. 

The Ravens have lost six of these fumbles. Even in the season, he had 12 fumbles; the team only lost four of them. In the past two years combined, they lost five of his fumbles. This could easily catch up to them, and it already has in losses to the Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Lamar Jackson has been great, but his fumbling is one of the biggest disappointments of the season.