4 bold cuts the Ravens must make to improve their outlook

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Devin Duvernay
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Wide Receiver - Devin Duvernay

This decision, compared to the one affecting veteran rusher Melvin Gordon, falls on the total opposite side of the heartbreaking spectrum.

It's not that Duvernay is a key member of the Ravens offense, a steady contributor on a snap-by-snap basis, or anything of the like. That said, Duvernay has proved to be a rather important player for Baltimore on special teams and ancillary duties outside of playing wideout from the line of scrimmage.

However, Duvernay's salary makes zero sense considering the usage he's given by the Ravens. It's time to bring out the scissors, folks.

Duvernay is slatted to earn $4.3 million in 2023 with no guaranteed money at all in his deal. The only impact that cutting Duverney would have on Baltimore's accounts is his low-money prorated bonus of $221k.

In layman's terms, the Ravens can save more than $4 million by cutting Duvernay ahead of Tuesday's trimming deadline.

Not only that, but considering that Tylan Wallace has emerged as the clear-cut option to get the WR6 role if the Ravens decide to go with six wide receivers on their final 53-man roster, this should be an easier-than-thought-of decision.

Cut Duvernay (or trade him if you prefer), name Wallace as your WR5, give him a few snaps throughout the season on offense, and use his special team skill set in place of Duvernay's... only paying him $940k instead that a full $4-million dough. Easy peasy.