4 bold cuts the Ravens must make to improve their outlook

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Patrick Ricard
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Full Back - Patrick Ricard

The position says it all: full back. In this the year 2023 of our Lord, and with new Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken leading the Ravens offense, there should be no place for a full-time FB whose usage is more than probably going to be hella limited in 2023 compared to prior seasons.

Ricard's salary for the 2023 campaign is set at $2.75 million, of which only $1.1 million would negatively impact the Ravens if they decide to cut the veteran. That's more than $1.7 million saved for someone that will offer little to nothing for Baltimore's new offense.

Instead of naming Ricard to the final 53-man roster, you can simply add another body to a position lacking depth such as the cornerback and/or linebacker rooms, or simply carry an extra offensive/defensive lineman.

To name Ricard in the regular-season roster, spend money on a borderline performer, and keep another player from making the cut and helping bolster another unit in the need of depth would be borderline malpractice by the Ravens' front office.

Kudos to Pat for his contributions under the guidance of Greg Roman, but his time in Baltimore should be over now that Monken is in tow and he's brought an entirely different and much-more-varied offensive playbook.