4 bold cuts the Ravens must make to improve their outlook

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Tyler Huntley
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Quarterback - Tyler Huntley

The Ravens decided not to trade for a franchise quarterback, even to name him Lamar Jackson's backup, this past weekend. Opportunity missed.

Now, Baltimore will need to make a tough decision on paper but a very easy one all things considered and when looking at it from a broader angle. Will the Ravens pick veteran Josh Johnson or Tyler Huntley as the 2023 QB2?

For one, Tyler Huntley should be the more durable/better long-term option given his age. For two, Huntley had a great first preseason game when he outperformed fellow reserve Johnson. For three, he already led Baltimore through the regular- and post-season play last year.

That's great! What's not: Huntley will earn more than $2.5 million next season, can be cut without any impact, and is currently injured having missed the final two preseason games.

Even better for the Ravens in this situation, Josh Johnson has looked great in the last two mid-summer outings against the Commanders and the Buccaneers even in defeat.

Although 37 years old, Johnson is an experienced veteran who can make the odd cameo at some point if Lamar goes down for a week or two, earning barely $1.1 million in 2023.

This is the price Baltimore will have to pay for not trading a fourth-round pick for Trey Lance. It's not huge, but it's better to pay a won't-play quarterback a little over a million than north of two-and-half.

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