4 critical observations from Ravens 2024 OTAs and Minicamp

The Ravens are gearing up for a big season.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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4. The 2024 Rookie Class is looking very impressive

The Ravens' 2024 NFL Draft class received praise around the league for both filling some of their biggest team needs and finding fantastic value where they picked. The early returns on this class (albeit before the chips are down in a real game) should give this coaching staff confidence in their futures.

First-round pick Nate Wiggins is obviously the marquee attraction, and he looks just as fast and athletic as his tremendous college tape. He hasn't been thrown at very much, which could be a bigger co-sign of a cornerback's athletic ability than making plays on the ball frequently.

The Baltimore Ravens have a strong rookie class

Rosengarten seems ready to take the starting right tackle job. Considering he didn't allow a sack during his last two years at Washington as the blindside protector for left-hander Michael Penix Jr, Baltimore may have stumbled on one of the best pass blockers at any position in the 2024 draft class.

The Ravens' two fourth-round picks in wide receiver Devontez Walker and cornerback T.J. Tampa have been forming a bit of a rivalry with one another. Every Tampa big play has been answered with Walker going over the top. If the old "iron sharpens iron" adage applies here, both of them should be working out the flaws in each other's game.