4 Day 2 picks in 2024 NFL Draft who could break Ravens' second-round curse

The Ravens could get back on track with these players.
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1. Jonah Elliss, EDGE, Utah

If the Ravens want a traditional defensive end, Washington's Bralen Trice could make sense. Should they be eyeing a versatile edge rusher/defensive tackle hybrid, Oregon's Brandon Dorlus might be worth targeting. However, if DeCosta wants pure speed on the edge, Elliss might be the best bet.

Elliss improved his production from three sacks in 2022 to a remarkable 12 sacks in 2023. Elliss' big concerns are related to his body, as he is very lean, lacks amazing power, and has injury issues that put a hard cap on how effective he could have been at college. Even with those concerns, his explosiveness is mouth-watering.

Jonah Elliss could be a rotation pass rusher for the Baltimore Ravens

Elliss not only has a nonstop motor, but he can pair that with a wide toolbox of pass rush moves and one of the quickest first steps in this class. Even with his size limitation, Elliss was a quality run defender for one of the best defenses in the country in Salt Lake City.

The Ravens may have Odafe Oweh and David Ojabo in expanded roles next year, but Baltimore needs one more young edge rusher to mitigate one of those two falling on their face and to help replace Jadeveon Clowney. Elliss may not become a traditional end, but he seems like a lethal sack artist in training.