4 draft picks the Baltimore Ravens gave up on too soon

The Ravens should have given this
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3. Tyrod Taylor

The Ravens took Taylor in the sixth round in 2011, as there were doubts about the Virginia Tech star's ability to translate to the NFL. As has been proven, Taylor's ability to make plays with his legs and accurate arm has helped him carve out a very long career that still has him cashing checks in 2024.

While Joe Flacco will forever be a legend in Baltimore, the Ravens tried too hard to make him work during the end of his tenure. In those last few years, they let an ideal backup quarterback slip through the cracks. He responded by eventually becoming a Pro Bowl quarterback in Buffalo.

Tyrod Taylor could have been a solid QB for the Baltimore Ravens

Taylor threw 51 touchdowns against just 16 picks in three years with the Bills, where he went 22-20 as a starter. Flacco had a worse passer rating and overall record during the same span despite a better team around him. Perhaps the Ravens could have been a bit more competitive in the pre-Lamar Jackson era.

Taylor has bounced around the league in the last few years, but the New York Jets paid him a good chunk of money due to his solid production when he needed to step in. While Jackson would eventually take over, the Ravens could have been in a better position during those last few gasps of Flacco's Baltimore tenure.