4 Michigan players Ravens can steal from Jim Harbaugh in 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens might bring in a few more Wolverines.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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2. WR Roman Wilson

While JJ McCarthy didn't lead the most exciting, warp-speed offense in the country, both the ground and passing attacks had some players worth paying attention to. Wilson might be skinny, but he emerged as Michigan's top downfield playmaker and a possible Day 2 selection.

Wilson has lined up at all three wide receiver spots and made big catches for the Wolverines at all of them. A Senior Bowl standout, the speed with which he gets down the field in a hurry is equaled only by the ease at which he can separate at the line of scrimmage with quick footwork and sharp route-running.

Roman Wilson could be a big play target for the Baltimore Ravens

Until the Ravens find that superstar wide receiver they have been missing for Jackson's entire tenure, DeCosta needs to keep burning draft capital at this position. Wilson and Zay Flowers immediately give Todd Monken, a devotee of extremely vertical passing games, the speed he needs.

John had better act fast if he wants to add Wilson to his always-changing stable of receivers, as one of Jim's first actions on the Chargers could be adding someone who can eventually replace and aging Keenan Allen and often injured Mike Williams. If the Ravens pass in Round 2, they may not get another crack at him.