4 Michigan players Ravens can steal from Jim Harbaugh in 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens might bring in a few more Wolverines.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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1. RB Blake Corum

McCarthy might get the hype due to his status as the quarterback, but it was Corum who made the offense run. Gus Edwards isn't a lock to return, leaving a hole for an old-school, one-cut power back like Corum to replace, and possibly improve upon, the former Rutgers stud.

Corum ran for 1,245 yards and a preposterous 27 touchdowns last season. While he isn't overly muscular at 210 pounds, his nearly unparalleled vision and creativity between the tackles have helped make him arguably the best running back in this class and the lone RB worthy of a first-round selection.

Blake Corum could become a star for the Baltimore Ravens

Edwards could leave, Keaton Mitchell is coming off a serious injury, and Justice Hill doesn't move the needle. Jackson's running is electric, but it would be even better with a battering ram like Corum on the field to give the whole offensive attack the extra juice needed to help them break through in the postseason.

Any team coached by a Harbaugh brother with Greg Roman as an offensive coordinator (as Ravens fans know all too well) will run the ball until they are blue in the face. Corum seems like more of a Harbaugh-type runner than Austin Ekeler, but Jim might lose out on his prize pupil to his brother.