4 options for Ravens DC Mike Macdonald ahead of 2024

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
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2. New England Patriots - Head Coach

All signs point toward the departure of long-time HC Bill Belichick from New England following his and the franchise's worst season in forever.

The Patriots, since waving goodbye to Tom Brady, have been unrecognizable. No, there is no debate about who was carrying the franchise to their two decades full of titles: it was the GOAT quarterback, not the coach, full stop.

With Belichick out of the picture and the franchise, there is a chance for someone from outside the organization to take the reins of it starting next season. On top of that, the Patriots could also explore the possibility of launching an entirely new era by signing a new GM.

If that's the case, Joe Hortiz has been rumored as a potential leading candidate for the General Manager position. Hortiz is the Ravens' director of player personnel, which means he and Macdonald might scheme a plot to bolt away from Baltimore and start a new adventure together in New England.

While it's true that the Patriots will need to find a new quarterback for their present and future, the franchise is solid at other positions and all they need is someone to lead the team from the sideline and the pocket next.

With Hortiz and Macdonald knowing each other already and most probably aligning their priorities, this is a very solid option for Mike Macdonald.