4 options for Ravens DC Mike Macdonald ahead of 2024

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4. Baltimore Ravens - Defensive Coordinator / Future Head Coach

Barring a completely unexpected turn of events, the Ravens will once more have to go by John Harbaugh's orders next season at the very least. Harbaugh has been questioned at times by Ravens fans for failing to win postseason games, but he's hella solid at getting the team to the playoffs.

With Baltimore already in the postseason and most probably entering the playoffs with a top-3 seed in the AFC no matter what they do during the rest of the regular season, it's fair to assume that the Ravens will at least win a game and be playing football in the latter days of January.

If Macdonald decides to stay with the Ravens, odds are he does so in his current DC role with Harbaugh staying put at HC. Now, could Harbaugh retire (or at least leave on a sabbatical before returning to coach another franchise in the future) if he wins his second Super Bowl next February? Could he get fired if the team implodes during the next month? Next season, maybe?

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It's been said that the Ravens are trying to nurture Macdonald before naming him the successor to Harbaugh at the head coach position, so this could be the most enticing option for the current defensive coordinator if he's been informed of that.

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