4 players the Ravens will try to trade for (and must get) before NFL's deadline

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RB Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas Raiders)

Jacobs (and the Raiders as a whole) are having a tough season. The running back is a do-it-all type of player, versatile in his skill set, and currently playing for a franchise that had trouble bringin him back to the field earlier this year after a contract dispute.

The Raiders running back is averaging a meager 3.1 yards per carry this season on 133 carries he's turned into 408 total rushing yards. He has scored three touchdowns, and he's also caught 28 passes for 242 yards so far this year.

As is the case with all available rushers in the trade market, Jacobs is also playing in his last year under contract so he will become a free agent next spring.

He's gone a little bit under the radar in terms of making it to the rumor mill, but odds are he is at least pitched to some franchises just in case in what is a lost season for the Raiders.