4 quotes from Ravens players and coaches that will fire up the fans ahead of Week 3

Baltimore Ravens vs Washington Commanders
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CB Geno Stone: "Everyone here is capable of playing. You’re brought into this organization for a reason"

If there was someone worth giving the game ball following Week 2, that must have been backup safety Geno Stone.

Not only did he step up to the plate when the team needed him the most (starter Marcus Williams was ruled out with a torn pectoral muscle), but he did so in absolutely incredible fashion by completing the play that turned the game around and sealed the victory for Baltimore on the road against the Bengals.

"I just feel like everyone here is capable of playing, no matter if they’re on the practice squad or whatever it is. You’re brought into this organization for a reason. I think that’s a testament to the scouts — who they bring into this place. Everyone’s trusted as a starter. Once you get your opportunity, just go out there and make the most of it."

Geno Stone, Baltimore Ravens

Of course,nobody would have predicted Stone's interception, or at least not his all-around game and overall performance against the Bengals proving crucial for the Ravens to snatch a vital victory against their strongest divisional opponent.

Stone, the embodiment of a reserve-turned-starter playing up to the Ravens Standards, made it clear earlier this week that everybody rostered by Baltimore is as good as anybody else in the squad.

And hey, after what the defensive back did in Week 2 and coming from him, that's hard not to believe.