4 Ravens dangerously close to the chopping block before roster cuts

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Melvin Gordon III
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Running Back - Melvin Gordon III

The Ravens had to do something when J.K. Dobbins decided to hold in for the greatest part of the offseason and offered no clues about what the hell was going on with him.

Baltimore made a business decision and signed veteran Melvin Gordon to a one-year, incentive-laden, non-guaranteed deal so they at least had some sort of insurance policy in Dobbins' absence and thinking about a possible season-long hold-in/out. Didn't happen.

When Dobbins returned Gordon became an expendable veteran and the presence and great performances of UDFA Keaton Mitchell only made it clearer that Gordon was on the outside of the roster looking in.

The Ravens can always name Gordon to their 53-man roster if they wish, and that would only mean waiving, and then re-signing Mitchell to make him a member of their Practice Squad for the 2023 season. The problem is obvious and it hasn't escaped anyone: the minute Mitchell hits waivers he would get claimed by another franchise and Baltimore would lose him.

Gordon is most probably going to get cut, then acquired by the Ravens as that's been the case with him recently. Gordon was once great, mind you, but he's already 30 and just a warm body to keep around in case of emergency.

Mitchell might end up doing nothing remarkable as a pro in the NFL, but the Ravens would be better off throwing a dart the rookie's way just in case rather than squeezing the last drops of MG3's juice.