4 Ravens Dream and Nightmare NFL postseason scenarios

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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2. Good-not-great Scenario: No. 2 Baltimore Ravens (13-4)

In this scenario, the Ravens would defeat the Niners and the Steelers but lose against the Dolphins in Week 17, thus losing the head-to-head tiebreak and dropping to the No. 2 seed in the AFC conference behind Miami.

Baltimore would face the Denver Brocons in the wild card round after not getting a bye week, that going to Miami instead of the Ravens.

If the Ravens advance past the wild card, then they would face the second-lowest seed in the divisional round, which could mean facing either Indianapolis or Kansas City.

As you see, the "good" part of this scenario is going against the Broncos in the WC round in what should be an "easy" matchup to deal with for the Ravens.

The "not great" part is very obvious: a matchup against the mighty and reigning champions Kansas City Chiefs in the second game of the postseason--not even mentioning having to beat Miami (assuming the advance) in the conference championship game.