4 Ravens problems on offense and how to fix them quickly before TNF

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
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3. Try to limit the risks taken by Lamar Jackson

Did Lamar Jackson play his worst game of the season against Cleveland on Sunday? I don't think so, but it must have been close.

Jackson completed 13-of-23 passes for 223 yards and a touchdown against two interceptions. He was sacked three times for a loss of 23 yards.

He was rocked on a borderline-legal hit when he was about to step out of bounds, and right after that he got picked off by the Browns defense in a rather awful pass attempt.

The other interception wasn't so bad considering it got tipped, floated, and then easily hauled in for a pick-six by Greg Newsome and the Browns defense.

Jackson also rushed the ball eight times throughout Week 10 but he could only amass 41 yards and nine of those came on a single carry. All things considered, Jackson could have done much more... if put in a better position by OC Todd Monken.

Monken, for some reason, kept calling pass plays and putting all the pressure on a struggling Jackson. Instead of rushing the rock, which worked wonders earlier in the game, the coordinator simply faded that part of the playbook entirely.

The offensive line allowed three sacks and eight pressures on Lamar, yet Monken kept smashing the proverbial pass-play button of his controller for unknown reasons.

If and when the passes are not falling and Lamar is struggling, the Ravens should simply retort to the backfield and the running chops of their rushers. The Ravens, in case Monken forgot, have the No. 1 offense in rushing yards and rushing TDs. Why not put that to use more!?