4 reasons why it's impossible to believe J.K. Dobbins' comments

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J.K. Dobbins
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2. J.K. Dobbins blatantly cajoled and tried to flatter GM Eric DeCosta

Playing next season under the pressure of a "contract year," Dobbins has long been seen as a money-chaser by Ravens and NFL fans as a whole. His hold-in made no sense in the current context of the running back market.

This offseason, not even elite rushers such as Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs have been able to convince their teams to pay them what they wanted (or still want, in the case of Jacobs) while another talented running back in Jonathan Tyler is on the verge of getting traded away by the Indianapolis Colts just so they can save the money and invest it elsewhere in the roster.

Dobbins, who is determined to force the Ravens into signing him to a hefty extension even before his current contract runs out next offseason, keeps trying to give all of the proverbial flowers to Baltimore's GM Eric DeCosta trying to convince him of that.

"Mr. Eric is the best GM in the game," Dobbins said Wednesday. He added that DeCosta "will get it worked out," referring to the extension, and that the two of them have had "good conversations."

You don't really need to read between the lines to see how Dobbins is trying to turn EDC into the villain of the story if the GM comes out saying that those are false statements, or that he doesn't want to extend Dobbins at this point in time.

It feels like Dobbins is trying to play with the Ravens' brass, but in reality, he's just cornering himself into a can't-win position.