4 reasons why it's impossible to believe J.K. Dobbins' comments

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J.K. Dobbins
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3. J.K. Dobbins has not proved to be "one of the top backs in the league" for long enough

One thing is clear and that's Dobbins not losing even the tiniest drop of confidence in his talent. "I'm pretty confident," he started, "I'm pretty damn confident."

Dobbins kept going, saying that "coming off of the end of the year last year, a lot of people could see that I wasn't all the way 100% healthy, but I still had some pretty good games there." According to the running back, "Those games could have been even better if I was 100%."

The only thing missing for him in order to do that is to "get the volume as some of the other guys." Dobbins thinks if that's the case, "it will be a really good year."

Dobbins, mind you, is coming off a season in which he appeared in eight games after missing 2021 entirely. He logged 134 rush attempts in 2020 as a rookie, then he could only get 92 more last year rushing for a combined 1,325 yards through 23 games and 226 career carries. He's also caught 25 passes for 162 receiving yards.

Last season, in the Week 14-17 span, Dobbins was good but not entirely great. Other than a fantastic outing in Week 14 and another good-not-great outing a week later, saying Dobbins excelled to finish last year is a little bit too much.

If Dobbins had not appeared in the postseason loss to the Bengals, it's fair to assume nobody would be speaking highly of his 2022 season.

And of course, Dobbins won't play in the preseason finale in Tampa next Saturday, because of course he won't.

"I do think that healthy, I can be one of the top backs in the league," Dobbins said. "That flashes sometimes, but I just got to prove it and I am going to prove it one day. One day it will happen."

Maybe, maybe not, one day that will happen. Until then, we won't know and Dobbins shouldn't be making any unreasonable demands.