5 biggest strengths on the Baltimore Ravens roster

Baltimore Ravens
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4. Ravens linebackers are a strength

Another player in Baltimore with a very noticeable value is linebacker Roquan Smith. Anyone who criticized Baltimore for trading for Smith and paying him as much as they did had to eat their words once they saw the impact he had on the defense. Smith is one of the best linebackers in the league, and is the kind of player that can elevate an entire unit.

That was on display when he arrived at the Ravens. Smith played elite, his presence made Patrick Queen a better linebacker, and the defense was just a dominant unit down the stretch of the season. Smith flying around making plays was a big reason why.

Last season, Baltimore only allowed 324.3 yards a game, tied for ninth in the league. The Ravens were third against the run, holding teams to just 92.1 yards a game. This level of dominance should continue, with the only question defensively being at the cornerback spot.

Roquan Smith will return for his first full season with the Ravens, and it will be interesting to see how the defense looks with him in the middle over a 17-game stretch.