5 biggest strengths on the Baltimore Ravens roster

Baltimore Ravens
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3. Tight ends are a strength for Ravens

This has been the case for the past few years and it will continue to be the case moving forward. Baltimore has an exciting group of tight ends and it will be fun to see how they can thrive with a more competent wide receiver room complementing them.

Mark Andrews is returning for his sixth season and will look to further build his rapport his Lamar Jackson as they dominate opposing defenses. Andrews has surpassed 700 receiving yards in each of the last four seasons. If anything stops him from hitting that number this season, it will be the fact that Baltimore has more weapons for Jackson to spread the ball around to, not because Andrews is declining.

One of those weapons will be the promising Isaiah Likely. Likely impressed in spurts last season, including when Andrews was out with an injury. Likely finished his rookie season with 36 receptions for 373 yards and three touchdowns. Those numbers should see a nice boost.

Another intriguing element involving the tight ends is new offensive coordinator Todd Monken. Monken’s history of involving tight ends in his offense has to have fans excited about what’s to come.