5 biggest strengths on the Baltimore Ravens roster

Baltimore Ravens
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1. Receivers should finally be a strength for Ravens

It’s been a while since this has been the case, but the wide receiver room should finally be a strength for Baltimore. After years of trying to build a solid group of wide receivers, the Ravens now have it, and the passing game should explode in the 2023 season.

The biggest move of course was signing Odell Beckham Jr. When Beckham was last on the field, with the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl two seasons ago, Beckham was the best player on the field. After a year off, he is healthy and should be ready to get back to dominating.

If adding Beckham wasn’t enough, Baltimore drafted the dynamic Zay Flowers in the draft. With Flowers and Beckham joining the team, and Rashod Bateman and Devin Duvernay getting healthy, the Ravens should have the most productive passing game that it has had in a while.

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In addition to the talent on the field, Todd Monken is now coordinating the offense, and that will also make a big difference in how the wide receivers are used. Expect some fun and explosive passing plays from Baltimore in 2023.