5 guaranteed wins on Baltimore Ravens 2023 schedule

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Baltimore Ravens guaranteed win Number 3: Week 6 @ Tennessee Titans (London)

The last time Baltimore faced off against the Tennessee Titans in a non-preseason game was back in the 2020-2021 Wildcard Weekend, where the Ravens came away with a 20-13 victory on the road. Like that game three years ago, the Ravens will win this one, only it wiil be coming on a grand, global stage in London.

The biggest reason Baltimore was able to win that game? They held Derrick Henry to just 40 yards rushing, which was by far one of the more impressive performances of that defense all season long.

Lamar Jackson threw for 179 yards while rushing for 136, and in this one, he’ll have a similar performance. The Titans ended last season with the worst passing defense in football, and while every team is different from year-to-year, there’s no way Tennessee is going from the worst in the league to anywhere close to the top.

Jackson is going to torch the Titans for over 250 yards through the air, and between 40-50 on the ground. But, he’ll do most of his damage in the passing game in this one, with Odell Beckham Jr. and Zay Flowers having some big plays. The hero of this game, though, will be Mark Andrews, who scores a pair of touchdowns in the red zone, en route to a 38-17 victory for Baltimore.