5 guaranteed wins on Baltimore Ravens 2023 schedule

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Baltimore Ravens guaranteed win Number 5: Week 18 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Last season, the Ravens played the Steelers twice within a month, toward the end of the year, splitting the season series. The kicker? It was the road teams who won each game. This time around, the Ravens will come away with the victory at home against Pittsburgh. This is besides the main point, but Baltimore will actually sweep the season series against the Steelers this coming season.

And they'll do it in dramatic fashion, in Week 18, with playoff seeding on the line.

In the home edition for Baltimore, though, the defense is going to force two interceptions off the arm of Kenny Pickett. Leave it to the Ravens’ pass rush to get in the face of Pickett throughout this one, and one of the young quarterback’s interceptions is going to be tipped into the hands of All Pro linebacker Roquan Smith.

It’s going to be an ugly game, as these matchups are many times, but Lamar Jackson will run for a touchdown while throwing for a score as well. He’s going to make enough plays, while Pickett struggles, in order for the Ravens to come away with a 20-10 victory at home.

That actually brings up one more point: Tyler Huntley played both of those games against Pittsburgh last year, while Jackson was injured. With Jackson back under center for this one, it’s a whole different ball game for the Steelers’ defense.

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