5 Ravens players changing their number ahead of the 2023 season

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Arthur Maulet
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Arthur Maulet - No. 10

If this was a ranking, then Maulet would be moving many spots up from his days as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers and into the top 10 as he's moving from no. 35 to no. 10 after signing a deal with the Baltimore Ravens earlier this offseason.

Maulet's inclusion in the final 53-man roster of the Ravens ahead of the season over rookie (now lost to Seattle) Kyu Kelly surprised a few fans, but the truth is that Kelly did nothing in the preseason to convince Baltimore's coaches of his worth and Maulet can man the slot, which is the Ravens most glaring defensive hole.

The former Steeler started his pro career in New Orleans back in 2017 coming out of Memphis as a UDFA. He spent one season and a game there while using no. 37, only for him to flip it for no. 32 once he joined Indianapolis in 2018 for five games.

Maulet then played for the Jets using no. 23 in back-to-back seasons, and he then proceeded to play two more years in Pittsburgh using no. 35 in the last two seasons. He is now transitioning to no. 10 as the main nickel corner of the Ravens.

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It must be noted that Maulet originally picked no. 34 although he made a last-minute change to no. 10 after the Ravens cut James Proche last week.

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