5 Ravens quotes that will fire you up ahead of Week 6 game vs. Titans

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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QB Lamar Jackson: "We should be 5-0. We just have to put the points on the board, protect the ball"

Jackson is coming off playing one of the best games of his career... or that's what most of us think. The truth is, Jackson didn't really get to put up gaudy numbers in Week 5 because the pass catchers of the Ravens simply didn't allow him to do so.

There were many dropped passes, stumbles, turnovers, unexplainable plays, and a whole bunch of random craziness. And yes, Jackson himself threw an ugly interception late.

"We should be 5-0, I believe. We just have to put points on the board, protect the ball. That was one of the main things he was saying to us. Every week we've had a turnover, whether it's me or someone else. The ball is our prized possession. Our defense is going a great job. We need to help them out. My job is to protect the ball. When I'm in the pocket, got to have better pocket presence. It's all of us. Like I said, the football is the prized possession. Keeping that safe, the sky's the limit for our offense."

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Lamar is well aware of the Ravens situation and where the team should be considering what they have done so far this season. That's to say, boasting an impeccable 5-0 record instead of a 3-2 one.

There is nothing wrong with Baltimore's current results, but as the season keeps progressing and we get closer to the playoffs, the Ravens will need to fix some of their woes (namely the drops and the turnovers and fumbles) if they want to put on a strong postseason run come January.