5 reasons to get super excited for Ravens training camp

• The entire Baltimore Ravens team will be in town for training camp starting July 25.

• Here are five things fans should be excited about in training camp.

Baltimore Ravens
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4. Lamar Jackson is healthy

If you’re a Ravens fan that has been looking at the offseason quarterback rankings this year, you’ve probably noticed that Lamar Jackson’s name has been a little unreasonably low on a lot of them. Jackson is still in the top 10, but he’s been in the latter half of the top 10. If we’re being polite to the creators of these lists, the only justification is that the games Jackson missed late last season with injury have led to people forgetting how great he is.

Well, Lamar Jackson is now healthy, well-paid, and motivated for the 2023 season. That alone should excite Baltimore fans and scare the rest of the NFL. This season has the chance to give the world the best Lamar Jackson that it has ever seen.

As previously stated, Jackson is healthy, but he now also has the best set of weapons that he’s ever had. Add in the fact that the Ravens have a new offensive coordinator that should be able to maximize all of the talent, and training camp could be the start of Lamar Jackson’s second MVP season.

Training camp is going to be a fun time to just observe how Jackson has continued to grow and to also build excitement for the 2023 NFL season.