5 winners, 3 losers from the official Baltimore Ravens 53-man roster announcement

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The Baltimore Ravens trimmed their preseason roster from nearly 90 bodies to the final/initial 53-man squad that the franchise will carry into the regular season pending some final touches to be applied through Wednesday and the next few days.

There weren't many surprises from the decisions made by the staff of the Ravens Flock, but even then there were some clear winners and losers emerging after the dust settled and we got the full picture of Baltimore's roster for the 2023 season.

Here are five winners and three losers from Tuesday's NFL Roster Cuts deadline, including multiple veterans, a rookie cornerback, and many other players of interest who found their names listed or left out of the Ravens' 53-man squad.

Loser: RB Melvin Gordon III

The writing was on the wall for the veteran running back once J.K. Dobbins returned from his hold-in, let alone given the sudden emergence of undrafted rookie Keaton Mitchell.

It was surprising to find out that Baltimore was going to carry four rushers into the regular season, three on top of Dobbins, but nobody batted an eye when we were informed MG3 had been left out of the 53-man squad in favor of the UDFA Mitchell.

Gordon will now need to either find common ground with Baltimore in case the Ravens are still interested in adding him to their practice squad, or in an even more daunting scenario for him and his 30+ years of age, try to find another franchise to play (or most probably, practice) for ahead of the 2023 season.

Odds are Gordon turns into a warm body somebody out there likes enough to give him a chance, but it's hard to envision the veteran taking on a bulky role anywhere across the NFL landscape, let alone from Week 1 at the start of September.