5 winners, 3 losers from the official Baltimore Ravens 53-man roster announcement

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Winner: RB Keaton Mitchell

In Tuesday's timeline, Gordon was released before any other announcement was made by the Baltimore Ravens related to the members of their 2023 backfield.

That was, of course, until rumors started to emerge about UDFA Keaton Mitchell having made the cut pending an official announcement. The rookie dropped a fun clue in his own social network when he reposted a message talking about his inclusion in the initial 53-man roster.

With his addition to the regular-season squad, the Ravens kept their preseason streak going and it's now the 19th time in 20 seasons they have carried at least one undrafted player into Week 1.

Through training camp and mostly in-game action this preseason, Mitchell proved to be a more than capable player with untapped potential and a rather high ceiling.

Not only is he explosive, mobile, fast (albeit tiny), and boasts great vision, but he can also be used in special-team plays and that could have simply been the deciding factor helping him make the initial regular-season roster.