5 winners, 3 losers from the official Baltimore Ravens 53-man roster announcement

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Loser: CB Kyu Kelly

When you get drafted in the first round, you're a lock to make the roster of the franchise that picked you. When you're a day-two draftee, odds are you also make it. When you're part of the third day of picks, but still a fifth-round pick, the chances get reduced.

All of the above said, Kyu Kelly was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens to fix one of their most glaring needs--bolstering the secondary--and the franchise spent a fifth-round pick in the former Stanford standout to make him part of a class that only features six picks in 2023 in the case of the Ravens.

To have Baltimore ditching Kelly, and Kelly missing out on the 53-man roster just a few months after joining Flock Nation... Sheesh.

Kelly arrived in Baltimore with his fare share of flaws (tight hips, limited tools) but the Ravens still spent a mid-round pick on him and they are known for developing prospects and keeping them around forever, always betting on homegrown talents and upside. Not in this case, which tells you all about Kelly's talent.

The rookie can still find his way to another franchise via waivers, or just re-sign with Baltimore to become a member of the practice squad for the 2023 season. Even then, in the past five seasons 30 cornerbacks were drafted in the fifth round or later and still appeared in a game through their rookie seasons. That doesn't seem to be in Kelly's cards at this point.

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