6 troubling (and encouraging) questions about Ravens injuries the team MUST answer

Is Marlon Humphrey finally in? Will Odell Beckham return to be a WR1? Who will be named RB3 for the remainder of the season? Questions, questions!

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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It took the Ravens weeks, a month perhaps, but once and for all Baltimore welcomed to practice more players returning from injury than those listed anew in an injury report.

Following their trouncing of the Browns at Cleveland last Sunday, the Ravens returned home and practiced for the first time on Wednesday ahead of their second divisional matchup on the road against the Steelers this weekend as part of Week 5 of the NFL regular season.

The news emerging from Baltimore on Wednesday couldn't have been better: six players returned to the field in different capacities and coming off wildly varying injuries.

"Different guys are on different stages," John Harbaugh said. "As the week goes on, we'll see where they're at."

There were men back training that hadn't practiced ever before (CB Marlon Humphrey and RB Keaton Mitchell), that had missed at least one game or more with injuries in the early weeks of the season (WR Odell Beckham Jr. and Rashod Bateman), and prime pieces that got banged-up of late and at the end of September (OT Ronnie Stanley and CB Jalyn Armour-Davis).

Even more promisingly, another player that started the season placed on Injured Reserve and from whom we had heard nothing in months, OLB Tyus Bowser, revealed that he's closer than ever to making his anticipated return in the next few weeks--if not this very weekend.

Here is a recap of every bit of news (positive and negative) that we got on Wednesday following the first real session of practice ahead of the Week 5 on-the-road divisional clash against the Pittsburgh Steelers.