7 positives, 10 negatives, and 3780 words about the Ravens 22-19 OT loss to the Colts

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
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Negative: The AFC North doesn't look so simple to solve anymore

The Ravens had the chance of going 3-0 up with a win on Sunday on their way to remaining at the top of the brutal AFC North. They fumbled the ball.

Now, the Steelers sit atop everybody in the division and three teams (pending Monday Night Football) have a 2-1 record including the Ravens and the Browns. The Bengals can go 1-2 with a victory later today, making things tighter than they already are.

Baltimore won't play another home game in nearly a month as they embark on a road trip in which they will face the Browns (Week 4) and the Steelers (Week 5) in Cleveland and Pittsburgh respectively before flying to London for a Euromatchup against the Tennessee Titans (Week 6).

The Flock will fly back home to play a game inside M&T Bank Stadium on Oct. 22 when they host the Detroit Lions. Things could look very different then, and the padding isn't a three-game one after losing a very winnable game on Sunday, but a one-game distance instead.

Expect the Browns and the Steelers to bring as much of a physical game as you can imagine, bake in the trip to London unsettling everybody and breaking some schedules, and all of a sudden what looked like a clear path toward the postseason under divisional domination is starting to feel a bit like a dream.

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Unless bodies heal, players come back from injuries, and the team operates at their 100 percent, the Ravens are going to go through some bumps and the next month can truly be a crucial one.

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