7 Winners and 4 Losers from Ravens 29-28 loss to Washington

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders
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James Proche II
Washington Commanders v Baltimore Ravens / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Loser: WR James Proche

Let's keep the narrative going and wrap up this Johnson-Proche-Interception story by dealing with a loser here in the Ravens wideout.

As I already said in the section about backup-quarterback Josh Johnson, the interception he threw in the direction of Proche ended up getting the INT token and not the TD one entirely because of the soft hands of the receiver and his inability to grab full hold of the ball.

Kevin Oestreicher of Locked on Ravens found and shared a golden nugget on his social network account yesterday. Watch this play from two years ago.

Feel free to return to Johnson's slide now to watch Monday's interception. The plays and the passes are uncannily similar, yet Proche totally whiffed on catching the most recent one and that hurt his quarterback.

Back in Preseason Week 1, Proche fumbled a ball and he was in as much a need as anyone of putting on a perfect performance this week against the Commanders.

He totally failed to do so going 1-of-2 on the receiving end and getting seven yards on that lone grab. Instead of going 2-for-2 for 28 receiving yards, and a touchdown, Proche couldn't step up when the Ravens most needed him and allowed the Commanders to intercept the pass that would ultimately hand them the victory.

Consider Proche a 53-man roster casualty, folks. It's over.