7 Winners and 4 Losers from Ravens 29-28 loss to Washington

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders
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Anthony Brown
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Winner: QB Anthony Brown

This is only a borderline-win, but that's more because of the Ravens full context and situation rather than Brown's own performance on Monday.

In fact, Brown was nearly perfect starting the game with a 4-for-4 drive in which he completed all of the passes he attempted for 28 yards and a touchdown thrown to Travis Vokolek to give Baltimore a third-quarter 21-17 lead.

Brown completed another touchdown pass at the start of the fourth quarter when he connected with Vokolek once more at the end of a six-play, 14-yard drive that should have earned the Ravens the victory had Washington not mounted a comeback late.

It's hard to see any franchise claiming Brown over Johnson off waiver if (as expected) the two get cut next week, but Brown should have done enough to earn a spot in the Ravens practice squad for the 2023 season.